PORCH SENSES: Episode 13

Back on my porch… after the chaos involved in getting 2 kids up and out the door, this is peace. The animals don’t have this problem do they? We would get a lot more sleep if they were home schooled. The lack of wind has made the cold air bearable. One less noise as well. The birds are chattering in both directions. My neighbour puts his dog back on the ground and continues to walk. The dog is mostly blind but follows his sense of hearing and smell to determine his way. Another neighbour has emerged to scrape the collection of moisture frozen to her car windows. Safety first. We must be able to see in all directions while sharing a road. I do not trust some humans travelling the roadways even when all their senses are at their peaks. It is how we perceive our senses, make decisions and act upon them that divides us. As loyal as the dog is to his human friend, I don’t think it affects other dogs’ perceptions of him. Contented with smelling the other dogs and moving on, but we humans have jobs to go to. This involves kissing asses which is just another act that separates us from the animals. I didn’t say we were better, just different.

PORCH SENSES: Episode 11

I am on the porch…with my coffee as usual. I have a driver’s medical to get at 10:30 this morning. Eyes, Ears, Ass and Knees. It is a test but I did not study. It is a test against the averages. A test you get better at with time then… gradually worse for the rest of time. They even check all the parts with the word test in it. There is no talking your way out of the medical. There is no sweet talking the doctor for a better result on paper. It’s result is definitive but can be interpreted differently by differently educated people. One of them will be the full time lady with 3 cats at the Ministry of Transportation office.
Oh yeah by the way, the birds were chirping by the bird feeder then they stopped…yadda, yadda, yadda.