PORCH SENSES: Episode 19

It is very quiet this morning. Single noises can be heard now. A motorcycle on the highway in the distance accelerates. A squeaky storm door opens slightly and closes, sounded like a cat. A gentle breeze making the metal clang on a wind decoration chimes in. Footsteps in the crunchy snow can be heard in a driveway getting louder…it is my shorts wearing neighbour putting out his weekly receptacles.

They question whether or not a tree would make a sound if felled in a forest and no one is around. You can be standing in front of that tree and only if you are receptive to the sounds around you would you hear it. Listen to what the Earth is telling you.


The density has come back to the neighbourhood with the ice and snow frozen to all the tree branches the sound of shoveling in the distance while birds sing their songs all around me. One bird even joined me in the porch. As the sun comes up it highlights the circle t steeple and the tops of the oldest trees. Smoke is seen bellowing out of a chimney from a snow covered rooftop just like a Christmas card. There isn’t any wind today, the flag is still, almost frozen in place. It IS frozen in place. A car drives slowly by crunching the snow and ice under it’s weight. Where do the birds land in the trees? They must not mind the snow on their feet. In fact they seem to knock a little snow off the branches every time they land. If you notice a branch with perfect snow frozen to it then a section out of place and missing snow… that was a bird. Branch out and leave your mark.


Sitting on the porch now… a group of birds are singing/talking… love to hear that every morning Squirrels are jumping from line to branch and back again… all part of the squirrel infrastructure highway system they have developed. And a socially awkward neighbour pointing out obvious things… I don’t need to be called grumpy old guy everyday do I? Construction machine in the distance slowly being drowned out by the arrival of the garbage trucks on our street.  A motorcycle zips by the other main thoroughfare,  then a car… The squirrel has jumped onto the bird feeder sending countless birds scattering… they are louder now and not amused. The squirrel continues to eat their food designated for birds regardless. Our old couch has sat on the boulevard all week alone.  Today it is joined by a collection of weekly recycling and trash. Maybe the truck will take the couch too. A blue jay has successfully and loudly scared away the squirrel out of the bird feeder. It was as if that was it’s job because it did not stay to eat.  The rest of the birds are happy again.. With 2 century old trees cut down to the south of me, the neighbourhood seems more open than usual.  Adding to that sense of vastness would be the lack of leaves making the remaining trees seem larger with that ability to not let you see through them.  The birds can hide normally, but not now.  Every animal fights for a spot in an evergreen now.  A bush, a tree, they are all important sought after properties now.