PORCH SENSE: Episode 16

Aaaahhhh, sleeping in in a Sunday. Traditionally because of some amazing Saturday night but apparently I was just fatigued from the week. 10am looks a lot different than 7:30am and with much more action. The village has awoken.

A squirrel has temporarily joined me on the porch with what looks like a croissant that used to be IN my house. He is seeking refuge from the gas powered snow blower the retiree is using… doing laps on the driveway and part of the road it seems. I enjoy a good quiet shovelling but that machine sounds like a wood chipper! It is still lightly snowing, very fluffy flakes. You can almost make out the different shapes of each one. So gentle, if you closed your eyes you wouldn’t know it was snowing. A sharp contrast to the gasoline fed combination walker/thrower that just went by. I must get up earlier. The sun is showing itself despite the snow clouds, the circle t steeple is bright silver. I feel like I have missed out on part of the day without having the previous night to flaunt.

PORCH SENSES: Episode 15

I have the best seat for this show.

It is dark. It is a low fog. Streetlamps and Christmas lights are the only source of light outside. The rain and warmer air is busy melting the snow that has stayed on the ground for a few days now. You get used to it and call it winter. You also assume that you probably won’t see grass again until March. During my childhood in Niagara, a green Christmas was rare and can’t remember one specifically. As an adult, I remember more green ones than white. It could go either way this year again. One of my closest neighbours is out on his front porch too. He has brought the dogs outside for their business while he relaxes and burns a cigarette. They are loyal dogs and easily pop back inside the house when he is finished his nicotine. The falling rain and snow melting are dripping on multi surfaces from a variety of heights . They make a wide range of noises and patterns creating a symphony of water drops. It is enough to put someone to sleep. Behind me is the constant low industrial hum of a laker moving through the lock of the canal. The birds have joined the celebration of music by adding their own chatter all around. It now sounds like an orchestra warming up. I have the best seat for this show.

PORCH SENSES: Episode 14

The full moon from last night is still hanging up in the sky this morning. A stark contrast against the cold blue sky. Is it affecting the tides in the oceans right now? Yes. Teachers will tell you it affects the children as well. ALL the teachers tell me this in fact. Is it reasoning to explain a cause? Is it so anticipated that it itself causes behaviors to be off? It is a 30 day cycle so chances are the classroom will have a worse day than normal at some point. I am not a scientist but it is difficult to not believe in this monthly behaviour when all teachers speak of it, schools and daycares. Is it the pull that affects mood and behaviours? It would certainly give some solid ground to horoscopes. They always seem too vague to be believable. Knowledge of the horoscope seems to be the forced reasoning behind mood or behaviour and not realistic cause and effect. Humans have always made up magically reasons for the unexplainable over time. It is the reason we have so many gods. The moon has no idea how much power it welds on the humans.
It does look pretty up in the sky though.

The moon has all but disappeared in the skies to west as the sunshine becomes brighter in the East. The edges of the sphere have become undefined and now streams of clouds are visible across the front of the moon. We wouldn’t know if anything was happening across the backside. The moon knows what it did here and moves on to wreck havoc in other cultures now. It did occur to be that the circle t steeple and moon beside each other looked a lot like a baseball and bat. On top of ALL that, it is Friday the 13th… have a great day!

PORCH SENSES: Episode 13

Back on my porch… after the chaos involved in getting 2 kids up and out the door, this is peace. The animals don’t have this problem do they? We would get a lot more sleep if they were home schooled. The lack of wind has made the cold air bearable. One less noise as well. The birds are chattering in both directions. My neighbour puts his dog back on the ground and continues to walk. The dog is mostly blind but follows his sense of hearing and smell to determine his way. Another neighbour has emerged to scrape the collection of moisture frozen to her car windows. Safety first. We must be able to see in all directions while sharing a road. I do not trust some humans travelling the roadways even when all their senses are at their peaks. It is how we perceive our senses, make decisions and act upon them that divides us. As loyal as the dog is to his human friend, I don’t think it affects other dogs’ perceptions of him. Contented with smelling the other dogs and moving on, but we humans have jobs to go to. This involves kissing asses which is just another act that separates us from the animals. I didn’t say we were better, just different.